Lê Trung Dũng

Nghề Nghiệp: Fullstack Developer
Kinh Nghiệm: 2+ năm
Số Điện Thoại: +84966779629

Giới Thiệu:

Tôi là Lê Trung Dũng, lập trình viên Fullstack với trên 2 năm kinh nghiệm làm việc ở môi trường nhiều công ty khác nhau. Sở trường là NodeJS và Angular 6+, Wordpress và tôi cũng có kinh nghiệm lập trình với Laravel, ASP.NET. Trong quá trình làm việc tôi thành thạo các môi trường server cloud như AWS, GCloud.

Thông Tin Cá Nhân:


Programming languages:

STTLanguageFrameworkSelf assessment
1NodeJsExpressJs, Angular6-9Good
2JavascriptJquery, AjaxMedium
3PHPWordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, YiiGood
4HTML5, CSS3, SCSSBoostrap4, Metronic.Good
5C# .NET C++ASP.NET, VB.NETLearned

Design Pattern: MVC, MVVM, Web Service, Restful API, Micro Service

Database management systems: MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB

Server environment: Nginx, Gcloud, AWS, Cloudflare.

Management tools: Jira, Trello, Git, Bitbucket, Source Tree, Openproject.

Operating systems: Windows OS, Ubuntu, MacOS

Writing and reporting: Open office, Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio).

Design: Photoshop CC

Programming tools: Visual code, PHPstorm, Sublime text, Notepad++, Vim.

Foreign Language
English: Toeic total score 565


My short term goal (2 years) : Become a full stack developer, expert about frontend, UX-UI, backend, database, server control.

I want to learn new things, new technology. I’ll improve my soft skills, attitudes in work, and the way to work in a team.

I want to work in an international, active and challenging environment, where I can learn new things, new technologies and improve my English skills.

I want to work in a friendly team, where I can collaborate with them comfortably, where we can help each other and together developed.

My long term goal (after that): become a Technical Lead. To achieve this goal, I’m willing to work hard. I’ll learn how to take over a team, how to collaborate with my co-worker, how to manage a project by myself. And I need a good environment to learn these thing, help me to improve myself.


July 2018 – Now | BBCIncorp Ltd. Company

Position: Technical Team Leader

Project: CRM for BBCIncorp, BBCIncorp website, Sunbrightvn website, Gleads website.

Number of member: 5 people.

Job description: 

  • Develope the CRM system to provide the API service for the company.
  • Control the IT team to finish the BBCIncorp website, Sunbrightvn website,  Gleads website project.
  • Control wordpress outsource team to make a website follow the order of customer.

Programing language: ExpressJs, Angular6, Gulp, Pug.

Server enviroment: Gcloud, Nginx, Ubuntu, Amazon CDN.

March 2018 – July 2018 | FTI FPT Telecom FPT 

Position: Developer

Project: Fdriver cloud, Id Fpt data, XoneFm.

Job description: 

  • Develope the cloud system to provide the server service for the customer company.
  • Develope the frontend for the XoneFm website
  • Control the server, source code for these project.

Programing language: PHP with Laravel, Yii framework.

Server enviroment: Nginx, Ubuntu

Design Pattern: MVVM, MVC, Single Sign On, API web service

June 2017 – Jan 2018 | A2 Automation Company

Position: Fresher .NET

Project: ERP System

Job description: 

  • Architect and develop the ERP system for enterprise (VB.NET, javascript, html, css, C#)
  • Optimal, migrate the database to the new model (SQL)
  • Make report (Crystal Report)
  • Database design, migrate data, deploying functions, modules Backend, make reports.


  • VB, WebForm, ASP.NET, Resful API, MVC 5, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, IIS, Html, Css, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Json, Crystal Report.


University of Information Technology(2012): graduate in University of Information Technology with Software Technology major.

GPA: 7.2/10

Degree classification: Good.

Mode of study: Full-time